Friday, 14 January 2011

PN Review us plus...

Looks like PN Review have published a review of 3 Men by N.S. Thompson here. Those of you with online subscriptions to PNR will be able to read the whole thing. Those of us with nonesuch will wait quietly on one of the great seats from Novokuznetskaya.

We (OK, I) still await (am still awaiting) detailed reports from the dva brodyagi, but Andy has divulged that, among others, they spoke to/gave copies to Manu Durand, the editor at Paulsen; Vavara Gornostaeva, the editor at Corpus, and Alexandr Livergant, the editor-in-chief at the prestigious journal Inostrannaya Literaturna (Foreign Literature). So far the latter journal has got in touch to say they’d be interested in publishing us, possibly in 2012. More on this bomb/egg/sea shell soon.

In other news, the NCLA (in association with British Council) are hosting a reading by three prominent Russian poets including the legendary Lev Rubinstein. He will be reading with Dmitry Kuzmin and Maria Stepanova in Culture Lab on the 14th of April. It is hoped that at some point we can get all three of them on the Newcastle metro.

Get your tickets here for this (surely unmissable) event.

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