Wednesday, 11 June 2008

You say 'bradyashki', we say 'brodyagi'

As the song says 'potaeto, potahto, tomaeto, tomahto/ let's retitle this blog'. A Russian friend has pointed out that our previous title, 'Tri Bradyashki na Metro' was barely Russian -- 'brodyazhka' a diminutive for 'brodyaga' often refers to female vagrants, while 'na Metro' is more of a Ukrainian construction. So our title actually implied 'Three big girls' blouses who might as well be on the Kiev metro for all they know'. This, whilst being more accurate than we realised, clearly will not do. But I'd still like to keep a distinction between the name of this site, now firmly both Muscovite and masculine, and the title of the impending book, which remains 'Troye v metro' -- Three Men on the Metro.